Irrigation Pumping Systems

Vertical PumpTorrent Engineering & Equipment builds pump stations and motor controls for efficient irrigating. We build systems for turf irrigation as well as agricultural irrigation markets. Our proven solutions include:

  • Turf irrigation systems pumping from wet wells, retention ponds, or boosters from existing water supplies.
  • Irrigation systems vary widely depending on region and purpose. They include a number of different types of pumps, controls, and arrangements. We build vertical turbine, vertical inline, and most types of horizontal centrifugal pump stations.
  • Our Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) are a popular option for the control of pump stations. Many operators are removing the diesel engines from their existing well pumps and replacing them with electric motors.  A VFD on an electric pump station improves the efficiency of the motor and reduces downtime. Many local electric providers will give energy credits to operators who improve the efficiency of their systems by installing VFD’s.